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A Playbook for Resiliency

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Special Series

How do we find balance amidst a swirl of bad news and hardship? Join host Dan Baum as he talks with Phil Terry-Smith, Ph.D., about his experience responding to some of our nation’s greatest crises and the importance of caring for ourselves to develop greater resilience.

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Our Guest

Phil Terry-Smith, Ph.D.

Phil Terry-Smith, AACC assistant dean, veteran and professor

Social psychologist, lecturer, teacher, philanthropist, theologist, emergency manager, humanist, contrarian, humanitarian, military officer, father, husband, Afro/indigenous American, musician, gay, motorcycle riding, leather wearing — HUMAN. Philip B. Terry-Smith is the assistant dean for Social Sciences, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies in the School of Liberal Arts at AACC. He’s been on faculty since 1992, full time since 2013. He's a lieutenant colonel in the Maryland Defense Force, Maryland Military Department. He holds a Ph.D. in organizational and social systems, a nonacademic doctor of theology (Th.D.) degree in comparative spirituality, is a licensed professional counselor, certified trauma professional and master emergency management specialist.


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