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We welcome the opportunity to work with employers and the community. There are a number of ways we can connect with and support you.

Hire Students

Increase your visibility and brand on campus, advertise and post jobs, recruit students, and search résumés of students and alumni by registering on our job board. Become familiar with our guidelines and policies.

Employer Guidelines for Accessing the Job Board


As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Anne Arundel Community College adheres to the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice and expects our employers to follow these guidelines

  1. Employers must agree to comply with all local, federal and state laws. Check to ensure the employer initials the EOE section on the registration form.
  2. AACC screens employers carefully to ensure they are legitimate, reputable and have legitimate jobs and/or internships to provide for professional growth for our students.
  3. AACC staff MUST connect with the authorized representative by telephone before access is granted.
  4. AACC works with staffing agencies/third-parties only under limited circumstances. NACE defines third-party recruiters as follows: “Third-party recruiters are agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs. This includes entities that refer or recruit for profit or not for profit, and it includes agencies that collect student information to be disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and employment."

a.   Staffing agencies must not require a financial investment or payment by the student or alumni for employment or placement. Under no circumstances should fees be charged to students or alumni.

b.   Staffing agencies must clearly identify their organization as a staffing agency.

c.   Staffing agencies must include the name of the company they are recruiting for in all postings.

d.   Staffing agencies may recruit only for clients they represent and each posting must clearly state that the position is being posted by the staffing agency on behalf of their identified client. Candidates’ names and/or résumés obtained for a job opening may not be used for subsequent job openings or for solicitation of employer clients, except where specific arrangements have been initiated and agreed to by the candidates involved.

5. AACC reserves the right to refuse service or posting to any employer if a review of the specific opportunity is inconsistent with the college’s academic offerings and/or degrees or certificates.

6. Registrations submitted by non-U.S. employers that do not have offices in the U.S. will not be approved.

7. Businesses in the cannabis industry will not be approved while this industry is still illegal at the federal level.

8. Employers without an operational website cannot be given access. AACC will review the employer’s website to confirm the employer’s status and protect against fraud or illegal activity and request additional information when necessary to ensure established criteria are met.

9. Employers must provide valid contact information and have an operational email with a business entity domain. Personal domains will not be given access. Business addresses with P.O. boxes will not be approved.

10. AACC will not provide service to any employer requiring upfront payment of any kind or the purchase of products or work equipment/tools (with the possible exception of safety equipment, such as steel-toed boots).

11. AACC reviews each employer to determine if access will include ability to review students’ résumés and educational information.

12. AACC does not recommend or select candidates for employers.

13. Approval of an account to post jobs/internships gives employers limited, terminable right to access and use the online job board site only for internal business use to seek candidates for employment and scheduling interviews with the company being reviewed.

14. AACC will review all businesses registered at a residential location with extra scrutiny. Work may not be performed at a residential home business, with the exception of home day care businesses that are licensed through the state and internships that meet the qualifications noted here. All postings approved for businesses registered at a residential location must state that the work will not be performed at the home of the business.

15. AACC does not send résumés or share any employer passwords to corporate “student ambassadors” or “student campus recruiters.”

16. AACC staff will make additional checks at some of the following sites to verify the legitimacy of the business entity: Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation, Internal Revenue Service, Google, Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, various Chambers of Commerce, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, and/or professional organizations.

17. If AACC staff make a change to an employer’s account, the change must be authorized by the employer by phone or email and staff must document and date (including the year) the change in the notes section of the online job board.


  1. Postings must be real, current (full, part-time, seasonal) and relevant to company products/services.
  2. Postings must contain sufficient detail to convey clearly to the job/internship seeker the nature and basic requirements of the opportunity and that the position is representative of the company and its products/services.
  3. Check that the website being used matches that of the employer registration. Check/verify location of position. Check salary, including that entry-level jobs meet federal and applicable state minimum wage.
  4. Check that positions have relevant statutory language for the industry (e.g., bartending).
  5. AACC will review each job/internship description for consistency with the college’s academic offerings and/or degrees or certificates. If staff requires additional information, employers must provide the requested information to get the position posted.
  6. Unpaid internship postings with for-profit businesses will be reviewed based on the length of time and whether the business has provided an articulable benefit to the student(s) and will be approved at the discretion of the AACC internship coordinator.
  7. Postings or e-mail communications may not contain anything that is sexually explicit, obscene, profane, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, or abusive.
  8. The following job/internship types are not permitted:
  • "Pyramid" or multilevel marketing structures requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others to sell products or services
  • Jobs requiring candidates to purchase or rent any type of sales kit or presentation supplies
  • Jobs requiring the candidate to pay a participation or training fee
  • Jobs requiring on-campus solicitations, sales, or posting of materials, products, or services
  • 100% commission positions
  • Jobs that violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and/or laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Contract positions paid via 1099 arrangements where the employee is an independent contractor
  • Private individuals or families seeking in-home, home-based or personal services (e.g., babysitting, elder care, tutoring)
  • Individuals and organizations seeking volunteers 
  • Jobs for political campaigns

9. Remember, employers may not transmit (or redisclose) student information to any other employer or third-party, nor to others within the employer’s organization for any purpose other than employment purposes (EOE status may cover this also).

Find Volunteers

Reach out to students and county citizens to promote your organization’s needs and find volunteers who want to serve their community.

  • Become a service-learning partner. AACC seeks to collaborate and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Your volunteer needs can make great, hands-on learning activities that complement classroom learning for our students. Student volunteers across every academic discipline can engage in short-term volunteer service individually, in groups or as a class to help meet the needs of your organization over the course of a term. Interested in becoming an official partner? Email to get started.
  • Find volunteers using the same resources we use to promote volunteer opportunities to students. Check out these resources at the bottom of our Serve Your Community webpage.

Recruit Interns

Enhance and grow your organization with the skills and talents of AACC students through short-term, work-based learning experiences. No matter the tasks or the projects, AACC can help recruit potential internship candidates to meet your organization’s needs. The Sarbanes Center is happy to explore options with you, so email us at to begin the conversation.

What is an internship?

An internship is a monitored work experience that has intentional learning outcomes and goals for a student.

What are some benefits to hosting internships for your business?

Internships are not limited to being beneficial résumé boosters for students, but are a great way to attract personnel for your business. An internship provides you the opportunity to have additional support to help your business accomplish goals or finish projects. Hosting an intern allows you the option to audition up-and-coming talent and provide guidance and leadership to budding professionals without the commitment of permanent employment. Internships are just as beneficial for businesses and employers as they are for students. 

As we look to the future and the uncertainty of on-site and in-person internships, please know that AACC wants to continue to explore meaningful ways to work together. Our team is available to discuss your organization’s current and developing needs, and to brainstorm and explore ways in which AACC students can support those needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to host an AACC intern?

  • Delivery of internship opportunity: Explore the option of in-person experiences and/or remote, virtual opportunities.
  • Basic internship guidelines: A 3-credit internship course has a start and end date, and lasts a minimum of 120 hours.  
  • A description of the internship position: Start with a detailed description of the position with clearly identified tasks or projects. Submit those details in the Internship Proposal.
  • Identified employer mentor: An internship requires the student be mentored by a content expert in the student’s area of study.
  • An understanding of the legal issues and best practices for experiential learning experiences (internships) position statement by The National Association of Colleges and Employers.
  • Follow U.S. Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines when deciding intern compensation and understand the implications of the decision. It important that your internship adheres to the U.S. Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.

How do I get started?

  1. Review “What is required to host an AACC intern?”
  2. Once all criteria are meet, complete the Internship Proposal and submit it to the internship coordinator. Email to submit the proposal for review.
  3. Register as an employer partner offering internships on our job board the Riverhawk CareerConnect
  4. If you need help creating your internship experience, email

How do I get an intern for my business?

This is a partnership between the employer and our institution. AACC does not offer internship placements. We help identify viable talent for consideration. We work with businesses to understand their needs, clearly identify an application process and assist with recruitment. The employer determines the best candidate for the position, then notifies AACC of that decision.  

Here is a brief checklist to consider before offering an internship:

How can I recruit for my internship position?

Typically, we offer opportunities to participate in various student-centered activities hosted on our Arnold campus as well as AACC at Arundel Mills and the Glen Burnie Town Center to include internship fairs, presentations and interviews. Email AACC's internship coordinator at to discuss options for the upcoming term.


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