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So you’re getting ready for that big interview or maybe you’re researching firms to inquire about jobs and internships.

Either way, you’ll need to prepare.

Why Research Employers?

Employers look for people who have a real interest in their organization. By doing your research, you’ll be able to show your interest and enthusiasm by displaying your knowledge about the region, the industry, the organization itself and specific positions within it.

You also are able to describe in more relevant terms how you can work within that environment or how your skills can help the employer be successful.

Researching employers and asking informed questions will help you make a positive first impression in an interview. Targeted questions resulting from research also will provide you with answers that can help you decide whether or not to accept an offer of employment.

Employer Facts to Know

The following list may be used as a guide for gathering data on potential employers. Use the many self-help resources we offer to pinpoint the types of companies that interest you.

Basic facts

  • Name, address, telephone, email
  • Complete product line or services
  • Number of plants, stores, outlets, employers
  • Geographical locations
  • Location of corporate headquarters
  • Parent or subsidiary company information

Employer history/image

  • Position of organization in the industry (leader or newcomer)
  • Organization’s national and local reputation, awards, other recognition, etc.
  • Associations with which they are actively involved
  • Major competitors
  • Stock prices if relevant

Financial information

  • Size of firm and industry.
  • Potential growth.
  • Annual sales growth for the past five years.


  • Mission statement.
  • Biographical information on CEO, such as salaries, age, education.
  • Political, research or social interest/financial support.

Professional/work environment concerns

  • Organizational structure.
  • Position descriptions.
  • Types of training program.
  • Salary and benefits.
  • Typical career paths.
  • Employer’s review or evaluation process.
  • Background of entry-level position and managers.


We’re here to help.

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