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Two girls giggle together in AACC's Child Development Center.

AACC’s Teacher Education and Child Care (TEACH) Institute provides comprehensive child care training services including certification courses, continuing education, onsite-training, conferences consultation, a speaker’s bureau and advocacy.

Child Development Associate (CDA) Prep

The Child Development Associate (CDA) is a widely recognized credential in early childhood education and an important professional development asset to any child care/early childhood educator. We offer a course in portfolio prep, covering the CDA credentialing process, review of the CDA Competency Standards and best practices in order to identify, evaluate and reflect upon the creation of your CDA professional portfolio.

  • ECE-326 Child Development Portfolio

Child Care Preservice Training

Enroll in one of the following continuing education certificate programs and earn the necessary credentials to begin your career in child care. AACC’s child care courses meet the Maryland Child Care Credential requirements established by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Office of Child Care. Courses also can be taken individually and each class has a content area code that corresponds to the MSDE Office of Child Care's Core of Knowledge Requirements.

Continuing Education Certificates

AACC offers the following noncredit continuing education certificate programs in addition to the credit studies in Teaching and Child Care. These offerings meet MSDE Office of Child Care requirements for child care training and are essential to launching a career as a child care professional.

Pre-service Training Courses

ECT-305 Child Growth and Development

ECT-306 Methods and Materials: Early Childhood

ECT-328 Methods and Materials: Infants and Toddlers

ECT-370 Methods and Materials: School-Age Child

CDA-321 Module 1 Family Child Care Pre-Service Training: Child Development

CDA-322 Module 2 Family Child Care Pre-Service Training: Curriculum

CDA-323 Module 3 Family Child Care Pre-Service Training: Health, Safety and Nutrition

CDA-324 Module 4 Family Child Care Pre-Service Training:  Special Needs

CDA-325 Module 5 Family Child Care Pre-Service Training: Professionalism

CDA-326 Module 6 Family Child Care Pre-Service Training: Community

Continuing Education for Child Care Professionals

Are you already a child care provider, but want to learn new skills and keep your license current? Choose from many noncredit courses approved by the MSDE. Each class has a content code that corresponds to the Core of Knowledge requirements which vary by the type of provider. Learn what requirements apply to you by contacting MSDE’s Office of Child Care at 410-767-7852.


Building Healthy Relationships with Parents

Proactive Behavior Guidance

Effective Communication with Parents and Children

Nutrition, Fitness and Fun

Basic Growth and Development

Using Growth and Development in Designing Experiences

Related Studies

Considering credit studies in child care? Learn more about the following credit degree and others like it in teaching and child care.

Associate of Applied Science Early Childhood Development
This degree is designed for students interested in becoming a lead teacher or director of a child care center or the director of a before- or after-school program.  
Learn more about this program.