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Student painting

Discover, sample and expand your creative skills with noncredit art courses at AACC. Classes are offered throughout the year in: ceramic pottery, printing, sculpture, mosaic tile, paper and fiber crafts, drawing, painting with oils, acrylic or watercolor, jewelry design and fabrication, and stained glass. Classes are held days, evenings and weekends on the main campus and off-site locations in Annapolis or Severna Park, including the Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn Park.  

Art as a Business

ATS-310 Arts and Crafts as a Business (online)


ARS-311 Basic Pottery Wheel 


Decorative Arts

ARA-303 Creative Lettering by Hand 

ARA-334 Creative Hand Lettering 2 Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-337 Abstract Art 2 Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-341 Colored Pencil: Adult Coloring Book Technique Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-351 Brush Lettering: Introduction Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-346 Intermediate Calligraphy: Flourishing 

ARS-310 Effective Color Pencil Technique Coming Spring 2020*

WIN-324 Mosaic Projects 

ATS-396 Introduction to Calligraphy 

CFT-390 Introduction to Bookbinding 

CRT-307 Bookbinding: Special Projects

CRT-310 Mehndi: Art of Body Painting 

CRT-318 Alcohol Inked Glass Jar Candles NEW 

CRT-321 Deciphering Henna Designs NEW

CRT-322 Geometric Henna Designs NEW Coming Spring 2020*

CRT-323 Henna Party Designs NEW Coming Spring 2020*

Sewing, Crochet and Knitting 

WMI-336 So Simple Sewing 

WMI-364 So Simple Sewing II

CRT-312 Sewing Alterations 2: Hemming and Repairs Coming Spring 2020*

CFT-395 Care/Feeding Sewing Machine 

Stained Glass

ARS-392 Stained Glass: Level 1 


ARS-376 Drawing Fundamentals 

WOI-367 Introduction to Zentangle®

ARA-338 Zentangle®: Hanging Icosahedron NEW 

ARA-351 Brush Lettering: Introduction Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-361 Zentangle: World of Pop Art NEW Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-362 Zentangle: The Art of Hokusai NEW Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-363 Zentangle Labyrinth: The Tangled Path NEW Coming Spring 2020* 

ARA-364 Zentangle: Tangling on Teabags NEW Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-356 Zentangle: Hidden Meaning in Color NEW 

ARA-357 Zentangle: Cartouche Art NEW 

ATS-373 Studio Access: Drawing/Painting

ATS-399 Drawing in Perspective   

DLC-311 Drawing for the Absolute Beginner (online)


ARA-347 Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant NEW 

CFT-356 Wire Wrapped Jewelry

CFT-357 Fuse Glass Jewelry  

CRT-309 Sea Glass Jewelry: Drilling Coming Spring 2020*

WIN-337 Beading:Earrings Extravaganza 

WNI-312 Boho Chic Wrap Bracelet 

WNI-338 Jewelry Repair at Home 

WOI-347 Wire Wrapping: Three Rings NEW 


ARA-309 Watercolor Painting: Focus on Flowers Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-315 Abstract Painting 

ARA-318 Fundamentals of Oil Painting

ARA-321 Painting Snow in Oils NEW 

ARA-327 Fundamentals of Oil: Level 2 Coming Spring 2020*

ARA-322 Watercolors: Introduction to Painting People

ATS-309 Oil Painting: Easy and Fast

CFT-388 Decorative Painting NEW Coming Spring 2020*

ATS-373 Studio Access: Drawing/Painting

CRT-310 Mehndi: The Art of Body Painting 


ARS-390 Printmaking Studio

How to Enroll

The courses on this page are noncredit, meaning you won’t earn college credit toward a degree. You don’t need to apply. Just choose a program or course that interests you, and check the noncredit schedule for a class that fits your schedule. Note the course number, section number and start date and register through our online portal, MyAACC

For help, email or call the Instructional Support Center at 410-777-2325.

Find a course using our online course search.

Learn more about registering for noncredit courses.

*Registration for Spring 2020 noncredit courses opens February 18