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Hands preparing bouquet.

Thank you for your interest in our Floral Design program! There is something in our program for everyone! Our floral design courses are designed for flower lovers of all kinds.

AACC is an Education Partner of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD®). Our comprehensive curriculum embraces the criteria required for AIFD certification and is dedicated to providing professional, on-trend, instruction for anyone who simply loves flowers or is interested in a successful floral career. To learn more about the industry certification requirements, visit the American Institute of Floral Designers website.

AIFD Certified Floral Designation

How do I obtain my Certified Floral Designation (CFD®) through AACC?

Step 1

Successfully complete the classes on the AACC recommended course list for Floral Design or certify that you have the requisite experience in and knowledge about the course material.

Step 2

Take "Advanced Seminar: Principles of Design" (FLD-504). 

Step 3

Attain score above 3.5 on a 5 point scale in the "Advanced Floral Design Evaluation" (FLR-333) class at AACC.

Step 4

Complete the AIFD® online test and receive an 80% or higher.
Note: There is a fee and completion time limit. Visit the American Institute of Floral Design website for requirements.

Floral Design Recommended Course List

If interested in pursuing your CFD® with the American Institute of Floral Design, we recommend you successfully complete the classes listed below.

FLR-344 Introduction to Floral Design
FLR-343 Fundamentals of Floral Design
FLR-345 Foundations of Floral Design-Part 2
FLR-346 Sympathy Flowers: Sprays and Arrangements
FLR-347 Personal Wedding Flowers
FLR-349 Flowers to Wear
FLR-336 Flower Identification A-Z
FLD-504 Advanced Seminar: Principles of Design
FLR-333 AIFD Certified Floral Designer Evaluation


FLR-334 Exquisite Bows for Floral Design Online

FLR-336 Floral Identification A-Z Online

FLR-344 Introduction to Floral Design Online

FLR 343 Fundamentals of Floral Design Online

FLR-345 Foundations of Floral Design 2 Online

FLR-346 Sympathy Flowers: Sprays and Arrangements Online

FLR-348 Seasonal Flowers Online