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We are grateful to every donor who has helped the students at AACC pursue their dreams by establishing a scholarship through a gift to the AACC Foundation. The following is a list of currently active scholarships funded by donors in our community.


AACC Annapolis High School Jumpstart Scholarship
AACC Athletic Booster Scholarship
AACC Baseball Scholarship
AACC Dance Company Scholarship
AACC Department of Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies Scholarship
AACC Foundation Inc. Scholarship
AACC Women's Lacrosse Scholarship
AACC Workforce Development Scholarship
Aaron Gene Marshall "AG" Scholarship
Abile Group Inc. Scholarship
Access to Noncredit Studies Scholarship
AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter Scholarship
Al Cantello Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Al Johnston Memorial Scholarship
Alice Y. Wechsler Memorial Scholarship
A.M. Briggs Company's Charles W. Harris and Hendrikus Wisker Memorial Scholarship
American Academy of Chefs Scholarship
American Dream Scholarship
American Military Spouses Education Scholarship
American Studies Scholarship
Andrew Albert Hall Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Eser Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Krause Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Andy Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Ann Smith Scholarship
Anna and John Dragun Memorial Scholarship
Annapolis Kappa Foundation Scholarship
Annapolis Opportunity Scholarship
Annapolis Triathlon Club Scholarship
Anne Arundel County Association of Realtors Scholarship
Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Anne Arundel County Professional Fire Captains and Lieutenants Association Scholarship
Anne Arundel Medical Center Health Care Scholarship
Anne Arundel Medical Center Scholarship
Anthony V. Pappas Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Art, Science and Spirit of Nursing Scholarship
August 'Gus' and Marjorie Berlitz Scholarship
Baltimore Washington Medical Center Scholarship
Bank of America Scholarship
Barbara Beach Memorial Scholarship
Barrett and Anne McKown Scholarship for Cybersecurity Study
Behavioral Emotional Support and Training Program (BEST) Scholarship
Belle Grove Corporation Scholarship
Benjamin Louis Staisloff Environmental Writing Award
Betty J. Lenz-Hallmark Scholarship
Beverly H. Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship
BGE Workforce Development Scholarship
BIC Educational Foundation Scholarship
Blischak/Shiery Charting Careers Scholarship
Broadneck Elks Mark George Memorial Scholarship
Burt Dall Metrical Poetry Award
Butchie Rupert and Patti Borges Memorial Athletic Scholarship
BWI Airport Marriott Scholarship
C.A. "Bud" Beardmore Lacrosse Scholarship
Caleb Linder Memorial Scholarship
Calliope Tsoulias Morfessis Braun Memorial Scholarship
Capture the Dream Scholarship
Carol L. Fisher Scholarship
Carole B. Baker Scholarship for Displaced Homemakers
Carpenter-Husman Scholarship
Catherine A. and Robert V.P. Waterman Memorial Scholarship
Center for the Study of Local Issues (CSLI) Scholarship
Champion Realty Scholarship
Chaney Scholarship for Sustainable Land Use
Charlotte A. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Chartwell Foundation Scholarship
Cheryl Rae Resch Memorial Scholarship
City of Annapolis Lodge #1 Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship
Clauson Center Skilled Trades Scholarship
Clauson Center Trades Education Scholarship
College Women's Club of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Scholarship
Corporal Jason David Mileo Hall, USMC Memorial Scholarship
Corporal Thomas P. Connelly III Memorial Scholarship
Crosby Marketing Scholars Program
Daniel C. and Edith B. Olson Scholarship
David S. Jenkins Scholarship
Debra A. Dempsey Scholarship for Paramedic Studies
Dee Hanson Memorial Scholarship
Diane "Mom" Phelps Memorial Scholarship
Donald C. Roane, M.D., Scholarship
Donna Morrison Memorial Scholarship
Doris P. Troutman Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Bertram and Dorothy S. Kraus Memorial Scholarship
Dr. E. Joseph Lamp First Responder-Medical Scholarship
Dr. Jerina Wainwright Psi Beta Alumni Scholarship
Dr. Katherine Bain Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
Dr. Rajwant "Raj" Kaur Gill Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Thomas E. Florestano Scholarship
Drewanz Merit Scholarship
Drs. Richard and Jewell Wunderlich Scholarship
E. Gordon Riley Magothy River Association Scholarship
Edith G. and F. Ward DeGrange Sr. Scholarship
Edward Lowman Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Edward M. Webster and The Bank of Glen Burnie Memorial Scholarship
Edwin J. Lasner Paralegal Scholarship
Ehrle Paramedic Scholarship
Emerging Healthcare Professionals Scholarship
Ernest and Lena Florestano Scholarship
Ervin A. and Dorothy E. Meyer Memorial Scholarship
ESOL Scholarship
Esther H. Carpenter Nursing Scholarship
Evelyn and Craig Cook Scholarship
Evie Renz Memorial Scholarship
Fitness and Exercise Studies Scholarship
Friends of BayWoods of Annapolis Scholarship
Fund to Advance Student Success in STEM
Future Nursing Professionals Scholarship
GED Workforce Scholarship
George Revitz Memorial Scholarship
Gil Bellistri Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship
Gill Grilling Company Scholarship
Greater Annapolis Design District Scholarship
Guild For L.I.F.E. Scholarship
Gwen V. Atwell Memorial Scholarship
HCAT Advisory Board Scholarship
Health Sciences Scholarship
Helen Higuera Memorial Scholarship
Helen Higuera Student Success Scholarship
Henry and Ethel Barton Nursing Scholarship
Henry D. Burroughs Memorial Scholarship
Henry L. Dragun Memorial Scholarship
Heritage Harbour Women's Club Scholarship
HERSF Health Science Scholarship
Hilda Cohen Memorial Scholarship
Hispanic Heritage Scholarship
Howard W. Wheeler Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Hungry for Success Scholarship
IKO Foundation Scholarship
IKO Fund for Student Emergencies
Infinity Theatre Company Theater Arts Scholarship
International Food Service Executive Association Scholarship
Irene W. Ahlers Memorial Scholarship
J & J Christofel Nursing and Teaching Scholarship
James and Marian Sweeney Scholarship
James L. Dollar Humanities Scholarship
Jandy-Livingstone Scholarship
Jason C. Schwenz Memorial Scholarship
Jason Charles Schwenz Memorial Scholarship
Jeff Young Scholarship
Jerry D. Nicklow, Jr. Student Athlete Scholarship
Jerry Klasmeier Memorial Scholarship
Jill Loukides, Ph.D., Memorial Scholarship
Jim Gutman Magothy River Association Scholarship
Jimmie M. Porter Scholarship
Joanne and David Hilton Scholarship
John "Jay" Patrick Dempsey Memorial Scholarship
John and Dorothy Palmer Memorial Scholarship
John Neidringhaus Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Green Memorial Scholarship
Joyce Hall Memorial Scholarship
Juliet B. Offutt Memorial Scholarship
June Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Justin Helms Apoteca Scholarship
Justin Paul Raddie HCAT Scholarship
Katy Friel Sanders Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth Strobel Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Haller Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship
Knights of Columbus Holy Trinity Council #3413 Scholarship
Knights of Pythias Friendship Lodge #8 and Keith B. Kitts Memorial Scholarship
Kokosing Construction Co. Scholarship for the Trades
Kristin Aymard Scholarship
Kyle McKinley Pollero Scholarship

Interested in learning more about the scholarship program? Contact Holly Cole, donor relations and scholarship specialist, at

Ladies of the Elks of Severna Park Scholarship
Larkin Family Nursing Scholarship
Lash Moi Nursing Success Scholarship
Lawrence F. Marcous and George C. Councill Memorial Scholarship
Lawrence Herath Award for Excellence in Music
Lieutenant John N. Dempsey Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship
Lillian Vanous Nutt Scholarship
Linda M. Reeves Memorial Scholarship
Lisa Lynn Troyer Memorial Scholarship
Live! Casino Hotel Dealer Training Scholarship
Live! Casino Hotel Hospitality Scholarship
Louis and Jackie Marconi Nursing Scholarship
Lutz-Horgan-Schumacher Scholarship for Academic Achievement
Lynne Wood Memorial Scholarship
Mandrin Construction Company Scholarship
Manu Shah Memorial Scholarship
Marcy and Leonard N. Plavin Scholarship for Dance
Marian Blanche Moss Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie Flack Creative Writing Award
Marley Station Business Scholarship
Martha A. Smith Scholarship
Martha L. Linksz Scholarship
Martha P. Devaney Scholarship
Mary and Ray Loeb Radiologic Technology Memorial Scholarship
Mary and Timothy Shoemaker Scholarship
Mary Boyd Memorial Scholarship
Mary Catherine Butler Memorial Scholarship
Mary Virginia Meredith Scholarship
Maryland Home and Community Care Foundation Scholarship
Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. Scholarship
Maureen O'Grady Hynes Memorial Award
Melisa Claar Memorial Scholarship
Men's Lacrosse Alumni Scholarship
Michael Smith Memorial Scholarship
Monna Gayle Clark Memorial Scholarship
Muddy Creek Artists Guild's Gail H. Henderson Memorial Scholarship
Nancy Wright Memorial Scholarship
National Council of Jewish Women's Margaret Libson Memorial Scholarship
New Annapolitans Scholarship
Nick Barton Lacrosse Scholarship
Northrop Grumman Scholarship
Pallas Foundation Scholarship for Future National Security Leaders
Parole Rotary Foundation Scholarship
Pathway to Success Scholarship
Pathways to Credit Studies Scholarship
Paul and Ellen Gaske Foundation Scholarship
Paul J. Burash Memorial Scholarship
Paula Fishback Nursing Scholarship
Paula Truluck-Brown and Louis Aymard Jr. Scholarship
Peer Learning Partnership Endowment
Peggy Peach Memorial Scholarship
Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship
Praxis Engineering Scholarship
Professor Steve Renz Computer Technology Scholarship
Propeller Club of Baltimore Scholarship
Prudential-Bache Inc. Scholarship
Pythian Sisters Friendship Temple #6 and Junior Danser Nursing Scholarship
Ray Proutt Memorial Scholarship
Rebecca A. Randall Memorial Scholarship
Reentry Scholarship Initiative
Republic Services Scholarship
Richard L. Bright Endowment for the Performing Arts
Robert "Chief" Kauffman Fund for the Performing Arts
Robert E. and Lila R. Schwartz Scholarship
Robert E. and Theresa O. Minte Memorial Scholarship
Robert P. and Ruth S. Ludlum Memorial Scholarship
Rocci S. Mastroberti Memorial Scholarship
Ronald M. Randazzo Memorial Scholarship
Ruth Grimes Memorial Scholarship
Ruthe Ingalls Dempsey Memorial Scholarship
Sandy Urick Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Shanefelter Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for Associate Degree Completion
Scholarship for the Arts
Science Division Scholarship
Sen. John A. Cade Legislative Scholarship
Sen. John A. Cade Music Scholarship
Severna Park Optimist Foundation Volunteer Scholarship
Sharon's Way Benevolent Fund
SIXGEN Scholarship
Skip Bullen Memorial Hero's Lacrosse Scholarship
STEM Initiative Scholarship for Future Success
STEM Scholarship
Stephen Aaron Luck Memorial Scholarship
Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP) Scholarship
TasteWise Kids Scholarship
Tate Automotive Group Scholarship
Teresa Denice McCarty Scholarship
Tess Richards Memorial Scholarship
The Brick Companies Marjorie Groom Scholarship
Theodore and Joan Little Memorial Scholarship
Thomas P. Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
Tony Rose Foundation Scholarship
Trade Education Scholarship
Tribute Scholarship
Tucker Rainbow Scholarship
Verizon Scholarship
W. Ray Huff Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Walter Sexton Scholarship
Warren B. Duckett Jr. Scholarship
West County Guild Student Assistance Fund
William A. Blankenship American Legion Post 278 Scholarship
William and Doris Neall Scholarship
William Donald Schaefer Scholarship
William E. Seale Family Foundation Scholarship
William Edward Dey Memorial Scholarship
Winner's Circle Scholarship
Women's Executive Network of Annapolis Scholarship
Women's Traffic and Transportation Club Inc. Scholarship
Yvonne Cornish-Marlowe Memorial Scholarship


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Newly Established Scholarships

The AACC Foundation would like to thank the donors who have recently established scholarships at AACC:

  • BIC Educational Foundation Scholarship
  • Capture the Dream Scholarship
  • Clauson Center Skilled Trades Scholarship
  • Dr. Katherine Bain Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
  • Emerging Healthcare Professionals Scholarship
  • Helen Higuera Student Success Scholarship
  • Jerry Klasmeier Scholarship
  • Kokosing Construction Co. Scholarship for the Trades
  • Lash Moi Nursing Success Scholarship
  • Live! Casino Hotel Hospitality Scholarship
  • Manu Shah Memorial Scholarship
  • Nick Barton Lacrosse Scholarship
  • Pallas Foundation Scholarship for Future National Security Leaders