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Testing Accommodations

AACC's testing centers offer students many services and assistive technologies. Visit our Accommodations page to view available services and schedule an appointment.

Students who require ADA accommodations during testing must contact Disability Support Services. DSS will assist you with assessing your needs and filling out the appropriate paper work. 

Course Testing

If you miss a test, your instructor may ask you to make up the exam in one of AACC's testing centers.

Review your course syllabus or contact your instructor for their specific make-up policies. If your instructor allows you to take your exam in the testing center, we will follow your instructor's directions regarding the administration of your exam.

Distance Learning Testing

If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid course, exams may need to be given in an AACC testing center.

Note: Not all instructors send their exams to the testing center for administration. Students must read their syllabuses to determine the exam procedures for their course.

Distance Learning students not living near an AACC testing center who need to complete an exam may request permission from their instructor to complete their exam at an approved testing center.

Follow these steps:

  1. If your course requires proctored exams, contact your instructor immediately (at the beginning of the course) to let him/her know you need to make arrangements to take exams at an out of area proctoring site. (Note: Student's are responsible for any fees incurred by using a testing center other than an Anne Arundel Community College testing center.)
  2. Visit the National College Testing Association (NCTA) website to find an approved test center in your area.
  3. Once you have identified a site, fill out and submit the Proctored Test Request form.

Proctoring Services for Military Individuals/Families Enrolled in Other Institutions

Beginning in summer 2023, the AACC Testing Center at Arundel Mills will offer U.S. Armed Forces active-duty service members, reservists, veterans, and their spouses and dependents from other institutions the ability to have their exams proctored. There is a $30 proctoring fee per exam and appointments are required.

Steps to take a test from another institution

  • Contact your instructor or distance learning office.
  • Have your instructor or distance learning office send the exam and/or online instructions to the Testing Center at Arundel Mills.

7009 Arundel Mills Circle, Room 112
Hanover, MD 21076

  • Verify that the AACC Testing Center has received the exam.
  • Schedule your testing appointment. A credit card will be required at the time of scheduling to pay the $30 proctoring fee.

Exams for external institutions will not be accepted during finals. Visit AACC's Academic Calendar to verify dates designated for finals. 

On the day of the exam

  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. Anyone who has not arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time forfeits their appointment.
  • Provide military ID and any other identification your institution requires.

If special software is required, AACC’s Help Desk requires up to a one-month notice.