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Want to become a UMBC Retriever? Each year, hundreds of students successfully transfer from AACC to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Transfer credits to UMBC

If you've earned an associate degree from a Maryland community college, you are guaranteed admission to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). AACC works closely with UMBC to offer graduates a seamless, flexible and affordable transfer process. Here are a few of the advantages to starting at AACC:

  • Save close to $16,000 on tuition with two years at AACC followed by two years at UMBC. (See cost comparison)
  • Current students can apply to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Transfer Student Alliance for additional savings on UMBC tuition. Or work with an AACC transfer advisor to customize your own academic program plan to successfully transfer.
  • Up to 60 AACC credits can be transferred and used for your bachelor's degree, including fulfilling most general education requirements or prerequisites.

Because admission to UMBC may be competitive, UMBC's Office of Undergraduate Admission will retain the final authority in all admission decision. 

Work on UMBC Courses While at AACC

University of Maryland Baltimore County Transfer Student Alliance

UMBC’s Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) is open to students currently enrolled at all community colleges across Maryland after completing 12 credits or more in good academic standing.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Discount on up to three UMBC courses while attending AACC
  • Free transfer admissions application
  • Access to campus resources at UMBC main campus and UMBC @ the Universities at Shady Grove

Scholarships for UMBC Transfers

These scholarships are awarded exclusively to community college transfers:

  • Academic Achievement Award for Transfers - up to $2,500 per year
  • Phi Theta Kappa - up to $2,500 per year
  • Transfer Student Alliance - $1,500 per year

You can learn more about these and other scholarships, as well as their application requirements, on the UMBC Transfer Scholarships webpage. AACC has more than 200 scholarships that require one simple application! Additionally, transfer students may be eligible to apply for one of the nine transfer-specific scholarships listed here. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for all scholarship applications awarded through a college.

What can I study at UMBC?

UMBC offers several academic programs. AACC and UMBC have developed transfer agreements and select transfer guides to ensure that you transfer successfully. If your program or major is not listed, you can work with a transfer advisor at AACC to create a custom transfer plan.

The transfer agreements listed below assist students transferring from AACC to UMBC to complete a bachelor's degree. The list is organized by AACC major. The select transfer guides help specify which AACC courses you should take if you're planning to transfer to UMBC for one of the listed majors.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Master Articulation Agreement

Honors Agreement


A.A. - Transfer Studies

B.A. - American Studies




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Transfer Student

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I really loved the education I was getting so I figured I'd just finish my degree. I was originally planning on going to UMBC after a semester or two but I figured I'd save the money and stay here.

-Jacob Smith, AACC grad and UMBC Transfer