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Want to become a Terp? Each year, hundreds of students successfully transfer from AACC to University of Maryland College Park.

Transfer credits to UMD

AACC works closely with UMD to offer graduates a seamless transfer process. Here are a few of the advantages of starting at AACC.

  • Save close to $13,350 on tuition with two years at AACC followed by two years at UMD. (See cost comparison)
  • UMD has a dedicated pre-transfer advisor on the Arnold campus to speak with students and help them plan their transfer path!
  • Current students can apply to the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) for additional savings on UMD tuition.
  • Up to 70 AACC credits can be transferred and used for your bachelor's degree, including fulfilling most general education requirements or prerequisites.

Because admission to the University of Maryland, College Park may be competitive, UMD's Office of Undergraduate Admission will retain the final authority in all admission decision. 

Work on UMD Courses While at AACC

Maryland Transfer Advantage Program

UMD’s Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) is open to currently enrolled Anne Arundel Community College students intending to complete 30 credits or an associate’s degree, then transfer to the University of Maryland to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Winter and summer UMD courses discounted 25% while attending AACC
  • Guaranteed admission to the university upon successful completion of MTAP
  • Access to University of Maryland College Park campus resources

Scholarships for UMD Transfers

The University of Maryland offers the following scholarships to transfer students: 

  • The Frederick Douglass Scholarship provides 30 full and 15 partial tuition scholarships for four consecutive terms at the University of Maryland. 
  • The Maryland Transfer Scholarship ranges from $5,000 (to help pay for two terms) to $10,000 (to help pay for four terms). 

These scholarships are competitive and have minimum eligibility requirements. You can learn more about these and other scholarships, as well as their application requirements, on the University of Maryland transfer scholarships page.


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The one question on my mind when preparing for college was how am I going to afford this?

- Chris Swift, AACC grad & UMD Transfer

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