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Do you have questions about the admissions process for a Health Sciences program? Find some answers here.

What is “selective admission”?

Selective admission programs are those Health Sciences programs for which certain prerequisites or minimum prior academic achievements are required before you can apply to or enter the program. Some selective admission programs are also limited in the number of students they can accept each year. 

I received an acceptance letter from Anne Arundel Community College. Does that mean I’m accepted into my Health Sciences program?

The letter you received from AACC’s admissions office means you’ve been accepted to the college, not your Health Sciences program. You can take prerequisites and other general education courses needed for your program, but you will still need to complete the application and the admissions requirements specific to your chosen program. 

What are the steps for getting into a selective admission program?

To gain admittance to one of these programs, you must:

  • Attend an information session for your chosen program.
  • Meet with a Health Sciences academic advisor. Visit our Academic Advising page to schedule a virtual advising appointment.
  • Complete the academic and admission requirements. These include the prerequisites for the program.
  • Submit a complete program application.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline varies depending on the program. Some programs have specific deadlines while others accept applications on a rolling basis. To find the application deadline for your program, visit our Health Sciences Applicants page.

Am I required to attend an information session?

Attendance at an information session is required for most Health Sciences programs. Information sessions cover admission and academic requirements, the application and selection process, curriculum, and career opportunities.

When are the information sessions scheduled?

Information sessions are scheduled at various times, either remotely or in person. The schedule of sessions may be found in the online calendar. Some programs offer recorded online sessions and these may be found on the Health Sciences Applicant page

I need to take the Arithmetic Placement test and/or the TEAS test. What do I do?

The Arithmetic Placement Test will be available remotely and in person. TEAS will continue to be remote only, but could possibly change later as we move through the year. Email the testing office at to schedule a remote testing appointment or discuss your testing options.

What if I already took some of the courses that are required?

If you’ve successfully completed courses with a grade of C or better that are prerequisites or requirements for the program, you will not have to take those courses again. Some programs require that prerequisite courses be completed within a certain time frame and/or with a B or better. Be sure to review the admission requirements and attend the information session for additional information.

What if I took courses at another college before I came to AACC?

To transfer courses from your previous college, request an official transcript and have it sent to AACC’s Records and Registration office. To find out how to request a transcript, check with your previous college’s records office. If you receive transfer credit for prerequisites or program requirements, you will not have to retake those courses as long as they are within the time frame and grade required by your program.

I need to submit an official transcript. How can I do this if the college is not open?

You are encouraged to submit transcripts electronically as this will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to process transcripts. For official transcripts the primary resource is Parchment. Transcripts can be accepted through a number of electronic formats such as EDI, E-Script and National Student Clearinghouse. You should be able to request that transcripts be sent electronically from your prior institution to AACC via Transcripts submitted by mail will have a significantly increased processing time.  

Visit Records and Registration's transfer credit page for detailed information on submitting official transcripts.

I see ENG-101/ENG-101A and ENG-102 on the list of prerequisites or required courses. What if I took ENG-111-ENG-112, ENG-115-ENG-116 or ENG-121?

If you successfully completed ENG-111-ENG-112, ENG-115-ENG-116 or ENG-121, you have met the requirements for ENG-101/ENG-101A-ENG-102. 

Where do I get the application for my program?

Applications can be found on the Health Sciences Applicants page as they become available. Applications can also be found on our website

I need to submit a paper copy of my program application. How do I submit a paper application?

You may email your paper application as a PDF file to or to the email address listed on your specific program application. Once the application is received, you'll receive a reply email. If you do not receive a reply within two business days, please email us again. Do not email your full date of birth or Social Security number. These are not requested on your application and we want to make sure that no protected information is sent via email. A copy of your driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID is no longer required so you don't need to email a copy with your application.

Before emailing the address verification and supporting documentation that is required by your program of interest, white out financial, date of birth or other confidential information that may be on the documents.

In addition, paper applications may be mailed to:

Anne Arundel Community College
Attention: HLSB 174 School of Health Sciences Admissions
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012

What else is required for admission to my program?

All students who are offered acceptance to a Health Sciences program will be required to submit to a criminal background check. Most programs also require a health examination record and an American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR certification. Some programs also require a urine drug screen. Final acceptance will be dependent on successful completion of these specific program requirements.

Be sure to review the requirements for your specific program before you apply.

If I submit an application, how will I know whether I am accepted?

You will be sent an email through your MyAACC account.

What can I do if I do not get accepted into the program of my choice?

You have the option to reapply to the program or consider another related program. Be sure to review your application for any areas of improvement. For help in determining your options, see your Health Sciences academic advisor. 

Where can I get additional information?