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The Gut Punch

Line drawing of teacher consoling student.

When dark times come, how do you keep going? Can a shift in perspective help? Join host Dan Baum as he talks to Briana Barone and Jackie Gambone about the power empathy and gratitude can have on teaching and life.

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Our Guests

Briana Barone

AACC student Briana Barone

Above all, Bri Barone wants to be an advocate for education. She especially wants to make a difference for students who hail from working class areas like her own Brooklyn Park neighborhood. While her current focus is on teaching, Barone would also love to use her passion for journalism and writing by reporting on education and equity in education.

Barone believes the ultimate sign of career success is if her students know they can come to her with their needs and troubles. She thinks students (and people in general) just need one person to show they care. Barone is grateful to have had teachers who were that one person for her. She sees it as a privilege to give that love and support back to her local community.

Barone plans to graduate from AACC in the spring with degrees in Elementary Education and Communications. She’s coming back to AACC in the fall to complete a third degree. This one in Secondary Education with a focus in English.

Jackie Gambone, Ph.D.

Jackie Gambone, AACC education faculty

Jackie Gambone, Ph.D., is a full-time professor for the Teacher Education and Child Care Institute (TEACH) at AACC. This is her 13th year at AACC and Gambone loves working with current and future educators. Prior to joining AACC, Gambone taught in Philadelphia and New Jersey in grades, 4, 6 and 12. She and her family live in Maryland.



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