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Engagement Coaching at AACC

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Did you know that AACC is the only community college in the nation with an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training program? To date we’ve trained 165 faculty and staff members and are still growing! Interested in becoming a coach? Learn more about our award-winning Engagement Coaching Training program.

Engagement Coaching is embedded into areas all around the college. Interested in being coached? Our faculty and staff members who have completed the training are excited to offer coaching sessions to our students and fellow employees.

Coaching for AACC Students

The role of an Engagement Coach is to support a person — like you! — as you move from Point A to Point B and beyond here at the college. Engagement Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Engagement Coaching is not mentoring, advice-giving or problem-solving. Instead, your Engagement Coach is trained to ask you powerful questions that help you find solutions to your challenges and overcome obstacles to your success. 

For inquiries about coaching outside of the areas below, contact Jen Lara.

Entrepreneurial Studies Institute

Students in the Entrepreneurial Studies Institute, specifically those who receive the Entrepreneurs Scholarship funded by the Ratcliffe Foundation, have the opportunity to receive coaching. Once you are assigned to one of our trained coaches, you are to be coached a minimum of three sessions. Once these three coaching sessions have been met, you are encouraged to continue with that coach as long as both you and your coach agree. Topics to be coached on are decided completely by you! To sign up to be coached, contact Stephen Berry.

Honors Program

All Honors students have the opportunity to get coaching at AACC with one of our trained coaches! Coaching is available by appointment, either in person or phone call, and you can choose from a roster of coaches.

But don't think coaching has to be limited to just school issues! Bring ideas on anything that you'd like to discuss! Contact the Honors office or coordinator Alyson Turner for further details.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Programs

Students in the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice programs and the Aspiring Leaders Academy have the opportunity to receive one-on-one and group coaching. To sign up to be coached, contact Dr. Reynaldo Evangelista or Dr. Darian Senn-Carter for more information.

Student Achievement and Success Program

The Engagement Coaching experience is open to all Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP) members. The purpose of this experience is to support you as you move through your experience at AACC, in addition to receiving academic support and success strategies from SASP. This opportunity will offer you up to three, 30-minute, sessions with an assigned coach during a single term. The topic of discussion during each session is determined completely by you and may include personal, professional, or academic situations. If you would like to participate, you should contact your SASP advisor directly or the SASP office. 

Teacher Education and Child Care Institute

The Teacher Education and Child Care Institute (TEACH) is happy to offer Engagement Coaching as one of their resources for students in the program. Coaching at AACC offers you the opportunity to identify core values, meet goals, self-reflect, broaden awareness, promote strengths and remove blockages to success. It is an effective tool to increase happiness, health, focus and whatever else that is important to you! You will be paired one-on-one with a trained coach or have the chance to be in a group coaching session where the topics of discussion are decided by you! Are you majoring in education and want to experience one-on-one coaching? Contact Jen Lara for details.

Other Coaching Resources

If you are curious about coaching and want to begin working with a coach, visit our website to see which coaches are taking new clients and reach out to a coach of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at an Engagement Coaching session?

A coaching session is generally 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length and we recommend starting with at least three sessions. You will meet either one-on-one with your Engagement Coach or in small groups (if you are participating in group coaching). The location for your coaching session is predetermined by you and your coach. Generally, you will meet in a quiet space — like an empty classroom, a conference room or an office.  All information shared with your coach is confidential unless information is shared that breaches college policies or laws or compromises your safety and/or well-being and/or the safety and/or well-being of others. 

What are the qualifications of a coach?

The Engagement Coaches at AACC are all trained in a model of coaching that fulfills the core competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Read more about ICF’s core competencies.

Want to become an Engagement Coach?

AACC offers open enrollment credit courses through our Engagement Coach Training program. We also offer noncredit offerings of those courses. 

We are also able to bring a coaching program to your business and organization. Contact AACC’s Corporate Training Center for more information.

Want to earn the Life and Engagement Coach Certificate?

For participants interested in becoming a certified coach, this certificate fulfills the coach-specific training requirement for the Associate Certified Coach ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours ) pathway through the International Coach Federation.

Life and Engagement Coach (certificate)

Coaching Testimonies

This experience has been enlightening and confidence-boosting.  I realized there were areas of my life where I was stagnant because I was not considering my goals first.  In addition, by hearing someone else summarize what they heard me say, I was able to hear where those areas were and how I planned to overcome the stagnation.  My confidence was boosted and I achieved calmness and peace through recognizing my strengths and areas of possible conflict, then purposely moving to mitigate obstacles in the path of my goals.  Overall, I was able to see that my perception of my circumstances was not my reality; in fact, I am in a much better position than I initially believed and know exactly where I want to be in the next 2-4 years.

-Ratcliffe Entrepreneurship Student


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Message from our Coach

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I would trade in all of my college degrees just to have my coaching skills; that's how impactful coaching is. Since coaching can be used with every human on the planet, it's the must-have set of skills for this century. I pinch myself every time I get to train a new coaching community.

-Jen Lara, Lead Coach

Interested in bringing coaching or coach training to your class, club or organization?
Contact Jen.