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Hear What Our Students Have To Say!

We receive numerous compliments from our students on our quality of instruction. Below are just a few recent examples. Many students learn of the value of our program and facilities once they leave and transfer.

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"I’d really like to thank you and your great program for everything. I learned and saved a lot by attending AACC. I’m currently taking a year off to work and relax before going off to Grad school. I really cannot see myself doing anything else, and for that I thank you! Your program prepared me above and beyond for a 4 year school and work in the “real world.” I attended AACC from fall 2004 through Spring 2007. I worked for a small firm in Annapolis during my last 3 semesters and felt very comfortable with my level of education to work in a design-related field. I went on to Catholic and noticed quickly that I had more than adequate skills to make it through their intense program. Anything from physical modeling to digital construction documents came with ease. I graduated in Spring 2009 with a BS Arch and am currently working at a firm in D.C. This fall I will take my GRE’s and start applying for Graduate school, wish me luck!"


“Starting my college experience with AACC was one of the best moves I made in my educational career. Not knowing if architecture was right for me, I chose to give it a shot and see what would happen. As it turns out, I got great exposure to the field, stellar teaching, and invaluable experience that helped me quickly make the decision to stick with it. I loved what I did, and continued the program through graduation at AACC, and later moved on to Clemson University's School of Architecture where I will graduate in December of this year with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. AACC really helped me to understand what I was getting into. The transition from high school to AACC was effortless, and after I graduated, I really understood what it meant to be in college. The work load was different, the classes were different, and it was a great learning environment because every student in the class wanted to be there. It really was a great experience, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. The first thing my advisor at Clemson told me was that he was always impressed with the work that came out of AACC, so keep it up. People recognize a good thing when they see it.”


"Its Adam Chisholm hopefully you remember me. Hope your summer is going great. I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Morgan State's 2+3 Masters program. They accepted me into the program and I can't thank you enough for all your help."


“Since I graduated from AACC in 97, I transferred to Virginia Tech to catch up with the other two Daves that went on before me. I had an incredible experience there during my 5 years as an undergrad and everything I learned from you and the other profs at Anne Arundel stayed with me and was of great help throughout. So, in the Fall of 2000 I had the opportunity to study abroad for 4 months in Southern Switzerland at the CESA (College of European Studies Abroad) at a 250 year old Casa in the small town of Riva San Vitale. During that semester we traveled to Northern Italy, Southern France, Southern Germany, Barcelona, Paris and various towns and cities in Switzerland. It was from that experience that I carry so many memories that are still so vivid. I graduated in 2002 and came back to Baltimore to work for Melville Thomas, Architects, a firm I had been interning with during summer's and semester breaks.

The firm I work in is a smaller shop, but the work we specialize in is community based, mostly churches, fire departments, schools, day-care centers as well as residential and light commercial. My boss, Bill Robson, went to Catholic University for undergrad and Virginia Tech's Alexandria center for graduate. He reminds me of you because of the teaching aspect and making sure we go out to our various jobs to not only check on progress, but also to learn. I have been able to learn a lot by working here and I know there is still so much more I have to learn, but I know that will come in time.”