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Whether you are looking to expand your skill set, earn professional credits or learn something new, our online professional development courses and certificates pair perfectly with a busy schedule. Courses are self-paced and online, accessible from anywhere and available on mobile.

Browse our featured topic areas below, and contact Janis Siegel for scheduling and information on our full list of offerings.

Featured Programs

Business Communication

The ability to organize and present ideas is always in high demand. The business communication courses prepare you to become a skilled communicator, teaching you to form persuasive arguments, present information, write error-free emails and documents, and stand out as a professional.

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Creativity and Innovation

With creativity and innovation courses, learn to harness the power of your imagination and apply it to real-world scenarios, setting you apart in the professional workforce.

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Data Analytics

Modern business software produces mountains of data, and it's up to the professional to examine it and draw meaningful conclusions. The data analytics courses teach the fundamentals of quantitative analysis so that you can read the trends in your spreadsheets to convert them to thoughtful business decisions.

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Human Resource Management

HR is both the glue that holds a business together and the grease that keeps its gears turning smoothly. The HR courses give you a well-rounded foundation in the human resource management sector to keep your organization's most valuable assets, its people, working as smoothly as you do.

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Learn how to transform your natural charisma and enthusiasm into leadership skills. The leadership courses discusses the theories of leadership and offer real-world practical explanations and definitions. The courses focus on topics such as leading teams, leading through change and the importance of work-life balance.

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Our management courses help you build the skills to develop a management style that fits your personality and goals. From effective negotiation tactics to navigating business ethics, the skills taught in our management courses span all industries and build a foundation for management success.

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