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HCAT Advisory Committee

The individuals who serve on HCAT's Advisory Committee freely give of their time and professional expertise to provide the HCAT Institute with guidance and advice in planning for the future.

Name Affiliation
Victor Cirrinione Erikson Senior Living
Tim Coplai Lane Marketing Group
Anita Dewling Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp. 
Leo Dilling Ceremony Coffee
Greg Dunmorne Morrison
Maria Fiery HCAT Graduate
Laura Francis Bragg Cafe
Terry Green Member Emeritus
Thomas Hall Thomas H. Hall Co.
Shannon Harcum Visit Annapolis
James Hudock Gibson Island Country Club
Steve Iampieri Jennings Cafe
Pam Klink Center of Applied Technology - South
Mitch Krebs First National Bank
Daniel Lane Lane Marketing Group
Martha & Zach LeDoux  Happy Chicken
Nick Motto Member Emeritus
Nancy Myshko Live! Casino Hotel
Mary Petersen CAFÉ
Daniel Rendulic Putting on the Ritz
Thomas Riley Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
Gregory Sharpe Live! Casino Hotel
Neal Sloane Live! Casino Hotel
Steve Smith Chesapeaker Hospitality
Ted Tyler Whole Foods Market
Emmanuel West Jr. Maldacena
Doug Wetzel Center of Applied Technology - North