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HCAT Scotland Team

Study Abroad in Glasgow, Scotland

Spend your fall in Scotland! This program is designed to build your culinary skills through a combination of cultural and academic immersion as a culinary arts exchange student at the City of Glasgow College.

Students enroll in a program of study for cookery or professional cookery at City of Glasgow College (COGC) for one trimester (12 weeks). This program is designed to develop the student’s knowledge and skills in culinary or baking/pastry required for a letter of recognition credential from AACC. Each student will attend classes four or five days each week, based upon the trimester requirements. Students also must complete the academic coursework successfully as outlined in the Scottish Qualifications Authority course documents. In addition to culinary and baking/pastry coursework, students will complete a portfolio on the experience to include recipes, photos, field trips and other items unique to this program. Students also must complete a four-page research paper to complete Internship (HRM-275) successfully.


Application Deadlines

This program is currently on hold.

Travel Dates

Fall Term: August through December


For program information email Wendy Melchor at


Students live in college dormitories with other City of Glasgow College students.


Completed applications for the fall term abroad program are due by Feb. 1. All applications must be accompanied by a copy of your passport, a letter of recommendation by a chef instructor, a physician’s certificate, insurance, liability and travel release forms, photographic and video release forms, and a participant data sheet.



  • European Pastry, Torte and Gateau (HRM-203).
  • Showpiece and Chocolate Work (HRM-227).
  • Internship (HRM-275).


  • Gardé Manger (HRM-220).
  • International and American Regional Cooking (HRM-223).
  • Internship (HRM-275).


The cost is approximately $6,800. Exact costs will be determined based on currency exchange rates and flight costs.