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Welcome New and Returning HCAT Students!

Students dress like chefs from the moment they walk into the culinary arts program. After HCAT students register for first courses they should download the student handbook and purchase their uniform. The uniform includes items such as a chef's hat, apron, pants and chef's jacket.

HCAT Student Handbook

Download the Student Handbook and bring the four forms located at the back of the handbook to your first class.

Uniforms and Knife Kits

All lab courses require a uniform and most require a knife kit. Please refer to individual course requirements.

Uniforms and Knife Kits can be purchased directly from the supplier Mercer Culinary.

For students using financial aid or students who are unable to order online due to timing, a limited supply of uniforms are available through the AACC Bookstore. 

Students who have purchased their uniforms through the AACC Bookstore must have their uniform embroidered with Maryland Monogram in Pasadena, Maryland for an additional cost. Embroidery may NOT be completed at any other monogram location.