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Welcome student organization officers and advisors!

Here you can learn about the various processes, policies, and forms needed to effectively manage your student organization. 

General Organization Resources

Organization Registration Process

All student organizations must register each term to maintain an active status. Registration can be done directly through the organization's Nest page. Registration will be activated toward the end of each term and will be active through the following term for each active organization. If your organization's Nest page does not have a register option, your organization has either completed a registration already or registration is not yet active for the upcoming term, or you do not have access to register your organization. If you have any questions about this process, contact Student Engagement at or 410-777-2218.

How to Start a New Organization

New student organizations are welcome to form at any time throughout the year. If you have an idea for a new organization you should visit our list of student organizations first and thoroughly review the descriptions of all of existing organizations to ensure an existing organization doesn't already meet your needs. If you still would like to start a new organization, follow these steps:

  1. Identify at least 10 students interested in forming the new organization with you.
  2. Select at least a president who will be responsible for completing the new organization process.
  3. Identify a faculty or staff member who is interested in serving as your organization advisor. Every organization must have an AACC faculty or staff member serve as its advisor.
  4. Write your organization's constitution. For help, you may review our Student Organization Constitution Guide.
  5. Once you have 10 students, at least one officer (president), an advisor and a constitution, you can submit a new organization registration form.
  6. Student Engagement will review your request and contact you with any questions. Once everything seems to be in order you will be invited to present your constitution and new organization at an upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.
  7. Following approval by the SGA senate, your organization will become active!

If you have any questions about this process, contact Student Engagement at or 410-777-2218.

Off-campus Event Policy

All off-campus events must be registered with and approved by Student Engagement if it is in any way sponsored by a student organization. This can include marketing, funding, organizing, etc.

To have your off-campus event approved, you must create an event on your organization Nest page, being sure to select "Yes" when it asks if your event will be off-campus. Each participant must submit a Student Travel Agreement Form and complete their Emergency Contact information found in their Nest profile under "Additional Information." For the rare occasions where your organization is coordinating an event that you will not know in advance who will attend and thus cannot get them to complete the above forms online, you may use the old paper version. These forms should be completed on site and kept by the trip leader during the trip: Student Engagement - Travel Agreement

If your organization would like to use AACC transportation, you can request one of the AACC shuttles by completing a Vehicle Request Form (put your own name in the "From" line and leave the director and division chair lines blank) and send it to Student Engagement at or in SUN 225. These must be driven by an AACC faculty/staff member. You also can request facilities to provide a driver which will come with a cost. Otherwise, the vehicles are free and organizations pay for gas only if you run out on your trip. 

Fundraiser Policy

All fundraisers completed by a student organization, whether the money is being raised for the organization or for a charity, must be approved by Student Engagement in advance. To get your fundraiser approved you must create an event on your organization Nest page. Be sure to select "Yes" when it asks if your event is a fundraiser. 

If your fundraiser involves food on campus you also need permission from Dining Services. Homemade food is not permitted to be sold due to health codes. Any food sold must be prepackaged from a store. 

Service Projects

All service projects must be approved in advance. To get your service project approved, you must create an event on your organization Nest page, being sure to select "Yes" when it asks if your event is a service project. 


Students attending conferences must be accompanied by a faculty or staff advisor, or another responsible college representative. Conference attendees must stay in the designated conference hotel or a reputable hotel nearby. Students may not share hotel rooms with college faculty or staff members. 

General Forum

Student organizations are required to send at least one representative to every SGA General Forum meeting. General Forum meetings typically occur at 3 p.m. on the first Monday of October, December, February and May. Specific dates and times are posted on the SGA website.

How to Use the Nest

How to Complete a Purchase Request on the Nest

Student organizations should submit all expense requests through their organization Nest page. To complete this you need to follow these steps:

Accessing a new purchase request

  1. Visit the Nest.
  2. Log in using your AACC login credentials.
  3. Find your organization page in the "My Organizations" section.
  4. Click on the "Finance" tab of your organization page.
  5. Click on "Create Purchase Request."

Completing the purchase request

  1. Request details.
    • Subject: Simple description that will allow you to easily identify this request in a list of all of your requests
    • Description: Explanation of the expense
    • Account: Choose the appropriate account for the expense to come out of as per your SGA allocation accounts or your fundraising account.
    • Categories: Choose an applicable category.
  2. Payee information: This is the person/company getting paid. If this is for any purchase card order (online, phone, etc.) you do not need to include the address.
  3. Additional information: Complete as applicable.
    • Reimbursements questions: Complete these if your request is for any type of reimbursement. Failure to complete these fields, with the exception of the AACC/Vendor ID number, will result in a denied request. If you do not know the AACC/Vendor ID number, we can attempt to look it up for you after you submit it. 
    • Additional instructions: Include any special notes, explanations, instructions, etc., that would be relevant to this request and helpful for Student Engagement to process your request correctly.
    • Attach files: Attach any contracts, invoices, receipts, etc., to your request here. As a reminder, any original receipts for reimbursement (such as cash register style, tear-out receipt book, etc.) also must be delivered/mailed to Student Engagement, SUN 225, before final processing will occur. 

Advisor approval
After you submit your purchase request, be sure to contact your advisor and ask them to sign off on the request. They can do this by visiting your organization finance page, opening the purchase request you just submitted and clicking on "Change Stage." Purchase requests will not be processed by Student Engagement without advisor approval. 

Events and Marketing

Reserving Space on Campus

Student organizations may reserve rooms and outdoor space on campus at no charge. To reserve a space, create an event on your organization page on the Nest. When you create your event, put your preferred space on the first page of the event form. Later in the form you will be asked if you need Student Engagement to reserve space for you. Answer "Yes" and provide the details on the following page(s).

Requesting an Information Table on Campus

Student organizations are able to reserve tables in many campus lobbies and outdoor locations to share information with the campus community. This does not require you to create an event on the Nest. You're welcome to do so, but you can just get a table using our Student Organization Table Request Form.

Requesting A/V Needs

There are a number of pieces of audio visual equipment, owned by the SGA and maintained by facilities and the Help Desk, that are available for student organizations to use at no cost. To request this equipment, include the details of what you'd like at your event when you submit your event request on the Nest and ask Student Engagement to reserve space for you. If you have the space reserved and would like to add A/V equipment, email Student Engagement at with what you would like to have. Event Services and/or the Help Desk will be in contact with you if they are unable to provide the A/V equipment you are requesting or if there will be any additional costs.

Food on Campus

Dining Services is the preferred vendor for all food on campus. If you would like to have food at your event (including Chick-fil-A or Subway) you must attempt to order through Dining Services. You can do this by contacting AACC Dining Services with your food needs.

The only time you can purchase food from an outside vendor is if you have received permission from Dining Services first. They will provide this permission if the food that you require is something they cannot provide or if the date/time that the food is needed is at a time that dining services cannot provide food.  

Smaller meetings and events can purchase beverages and prepackaged snacks without submitting a Food Waiver Request form if total expenditures are under $50 and there are less than 10 meeting participants. All food and beverage items must be obtained from an insured food manufacturer or supermarket and must not require preparation, cooking, hot or cold service, or storage. All beverages provided during meetings must be Pepsi products. Contact Steven Pegg at 410-777-2651 or if you need product clarification.  

Evening Events Policy

If a student organization plans to hold an event that will be after typical college hours and is expected to have more than 50 participants, a student organization advisor or other responsible faculty/staff member must be present.

Use of College Vans

Student clubs may use college vans, if they are available, for local trips. You can request a van for free by completing the Vehicle Request Form (put your own name in the "From" line and then leave director and division chair lines blank) and submitting it to Student Engagement. Van drivers must be current college employees and at least 21 years of age. If your trip requires you to add gas to the van, your organization will be responsible for paying for the gas.

In the event that your organization is unable to identify a willing driver, the college will attempt to find one among the many faculty/staff on campus. Be aware that this would result in your organization being charged approximately $21 per hour (driver rates) for all time spent away from campus (not just driving time). 

Publicizing your Event

All graphics requests (digital and print) for in-person events and activities are suspended until further notice. You may request digital graphics (e.g. PDFs, images for social media posts, other pictures), for your upcoming virtual program or event. We are unable to accept print requests for virtual programs or events. To request a digital graphic for your upcoming virtual event, complete a Graphics Request Form found on the Nest.

To view a summary of the guidelines, see our Graphics Request Quick Guide found on Student Engagement's Nest page, (the full guide is also available on our Nest page).

If you are unsure whether your request is applicable, email Student Engagement at

Making Your Own Flyers

Clubs can make their own PDF flyers to advertise. You do not need Student Engagement to review your flyer, but you MUST have the school's ADA statement, AACC logo and SGA logo (plus any other applicable logos) at the bottom of your flyer.

Campus TVs

Requests for a slide to go on campus TVs must be made through Student Engagement before being sent to Strategic Communications. One slide per event is allowed. Please make your request at least two weeks in advance of the event to allow Strategic Communications time to add it to their schedule.

Campus Current

The Campus Current, AACC's student newspaper, can list your event on their event calendar and may be interested in writing an article about your group or event. You also can advertise in the Campus Current. For information about advertising, contact the Campus Current at 410-777-2803 or in HUM 206. You also can check out their Media Kit (keep in mind that student organizations and departments receive a 25% discount off listed prices). 

Marketing to General Public

If the event is open to the public, contact the Strategic Communications office for help and suggestions about publicizing your event. Note: All materials and statements pertaining to the college for release to print or broadcast media by college personnel must be coordinated with Strategic Communications. 


Student organizations may use chalk for announcing events on campus walkways, but must have permission in advance from Student Engagement. Chalk may be used only on horizontal surfaces which can be hit by rain. Note: Individuals and/or groups may be assessed restitution charges for damages caused to college property. 

Campus Bulletin Boards

There are several general-use bulletin boards in buildings across campus. Student organizations can post their flyers and notices on these boards as needed as long as the designs have been created by or approved by Student Engagement. There also may be bulletin boards for specific departments or other use that student organizations may not use without express permission from boards' owners. Student organizations are never permitted to post their flyers/posters over top other advertisements on a bulletin board. If a flyer/poster is for an event that has passed, it may be taken down. 

General Financial Information

SGA Budget Allocation Process

Every active registered student organization is eligible to request a budget during the budget hearing process which happens every March/April. The budget request process is for a student organization to receive funding for all of their needs for the following academic year. While additional budget requests may be submitted throughout the year by new organizations or for additional unexpected requests, the expectation is that student organizations submit their budget needs for the entire upcoming year during the March/April process. 

To request a budget please complete a "funding request" form on the finance section of your organization's Nest page. Once the form is submitted the SGA treasurer will be notified and will reach out to you with further instructions. The timeline for the deadline to submit your funding request form will be explained at the February advisory council meeting of each year. As your group submits your funding request you will have the ability to signup for a time to present your budget request to the SGA finance committee. The SGA finance committee, SGA senate, and college administration will make the final allocation decisions in May of each year.

The SGA will consider a number of things when determining allocation amounts including, but not limited to, the following: an organization’s involvement on campus the previous year, active membership, attendance at advisory council meetings, benefit to general student body, history of fiscal responsibility of the organization and effectiveness of organizations fundraising plans and experiences.

SGA Budget Restrictions

  • SGA will fund an organization only $75 per term ($150 per year) for recruitment. If your organization chooses to use this recruitment money on food at a general meeting, be aware that you will NOT be permitted to use it for more than one meeting per term. Any other meetings during the term for which you wish to have food would need to be funded by the money your group has raised.
  • SGA will fund 50 percent of any individual professional memberships. Organizations are expected to either fund raise or require students to pay for their other half.
  • Organizations will not receive funding for travel costs when an AACC vehicle can be reserved for free unless there is a compelling reason to use an alternate method of transportation.
  • The SGA permits every organization to get 40 color copies and unlimited (within reason) black-and-white copies for any event or initiative. Additional copies must be paid for by your fundraising money unless the SGA feels there is a compelling reason otherwise.
  • The SGA does not fund apparel for student organizations.
  • Student organizations may be eligible for funding in the amount of $10 per person for lunch and $15 per person for dinner when traveling to local events where the student organization is providing transportation.

Contract Policy

The Office of Student Engagement and the director of Purchasing must review all contracts involving student organizations. No member or advisor of a student organization is permitted to sign a contract on behalf of the student organization. Allow at least four weeks for contracts to process.

Fundraising Account

Every student organization is given a fundraising account where they can raise their own funds through non-SGA allocations. All funds collected here may be used for things that SGA funds cannot be used for or to supplement SGA allocations.

Account Balances

Beginning July 1, 2016, all student organizations can monitor their account balances on the Finance section of their student organization’s Nest page.

Financial Resources: Expense/Deposit Procedures

Paying for Services

Question 1: Do you want to pay for services provided by an individual who is an employee or student of AACC?

Yes: Hiring an AACC student or employee. 
This requires specific procedures and you must work directly with the Office of Student Engagement. Contact Student Engagement at or 410-777-2218 for details. Note that services provided by AACC departments like Facilities (custodian, driving AACC van, etc.) or Event Services (A/V technicians, setup services, etc.) are processed directly through them and you do not need to coordinate or submit additional paperwork with Student Engagement.

No: Hiring an outside person/company to provide services (such as guest speakers or performers). 

Question 2: Has the service already been provided?

Yes: We cannot pay this provider as AACC does not pay for services without a valid contract in advance. Do not complete the steps below unless you receive special permission from the Office of Student Engagement to complete a contract after service already has been provided.

No: Proceed to Question 3

Question 3: Is the vendor that is providing a service some sort of performer/speaker/teacher, etc?

Yes: Complete all sections (except for the last page) of a Guest Speaker Agreement (GSA) and send them to the vendor for completion. Explain that they must have this returned to you, complete, at least two weeks prior to the event in order to ensure processing. Be sure to have the vendor complete the registration through the link at the bottom of the GSA. This can be done after they have signed and returned the contract to you, but must be done before they actually receive payment. AACC cannot send payment to a guest speaker who has not completed this registration. Once you have the completed GSA (the vendor may also provide their own contract if they have one but a GSA must be completed regardless) returned from the vendor, proceed to Step 1 below 

No: Request from the vendor their contract and ensure that the contract is between AACC and the vendor. Your name should not be listed as the signature person at the end of the contract. Once you have their contract and you have reviewed all of the details proceed to Step 1 below.

Step 1: Complete a purchase request on your Nest page and attach all GSAs, vendor provided contracts, invoices, etc., that you have to the request. This should be done at least two weeks prior to the start of the contracted service or your contract may be denied 

Purchasing Goods

Question 1: Is the total cost of goods from a single vendor going to be more than $2,500?

Yes: Paying with a quote/invoice 
Work with the vendor to provide a quote or invoice and we can provide a purchase order and then a check for final payment. Once you receive the invoice or quote, complete a purchase request on your organization's Nest page. Be sure to attach the quote or invoice to the purchase request. 

No: Paying with Credit Card 

Question 2: Can the vendor accept credit card over the phone, online or via fax?

Yes: Set up all of the details with the vendor for the purchase if applicable and complete a purchase request on your organization's Nest page. Be sure to include in the comments any instructions for payment. This could include a web link to pay online, a phone number and contact person, authorization forms the vendor may require, order information, invoice, etc. 

No: Check with the vendor to see if they can provide a quote or an invoice. We can then provide a purchase order, followed by a check for final payment. If they cannot, then you must proceed with in-person shopping (see below) and submit for reimbursement. It is highly recommended to confirm with Student Engagement at before paying for anything yourself to ensure it is something the college will reimburse for. 

Providing Honoraria (Monetary Gifts)

Honoraria (Please read first)

In limited circumstances, honoraria (monetary gift) may be used as a gesture of goodwill or appreciation to reward individuals for one-time services. In honoraria cases, no expectation of payment for services exists. An example of this would be if you promise a guest lecturer a payment for them to speak on campus. This would not be eligible for honoraria as an expectation exists for payment. Honoraria are after-the-fact transactions. For any services where a price is negotiated with the vendor, honorarium may not be used.

If you believe that your planned expense could be considered honoraria, continue below. If you have a question as to whether or not your plans could count as honoraria, contact Student Engagement at or 410-777-2218.  

Instructions: Complete purchase request on your organization's Nest page. In the Comments section be sure to include a phone number of the person for whom you are requesting an honorarium. 


The college is not legally obligated to reimburse anyone for anything. For this reason, student organizations are encouraged to exhaust all other methods of payment directly through Student Engagement before resorting to reimbursements.

Question 1: Is this reimbursement for items purchased more than 30 days ago (based on receipt date)? 

Yes: The college generally does not reimburse for items with receipts dated more than 30 days prior. Provide an explanation of extenuating circumstances with your request if this is the case. 

No: Continue to Question 2. 

Question 2: Is the reimbursement you're requesting related to travel? 

Yes: See Travel Reimbursements. 

No: Continue to Question 3.

Question 3: Is this reimbursement for less than $50? 

Yes: See Petty Cash Reimbursements.

No: See Regular Reimbursements. 

Regular Reimbursements

Step 1: Complete a purchase request on your organization Nest page including all relevant information on the form and attaching copies of all receipts. 

Step 2: If your reimbursement request included any original receipts (cash register style, tear-out receipt book, etc.) the physical receipts also must be delivered/mailed to Student Engagement, SUN 225, before final processing can take place. 

Travel Reimbursements

Step 1: Identify and complete the appropriate Travel Expense Report Form found below.

Step 2: Scan completed travel expense port from Step 1 and all relevant receipts and attach to a purchase request on your organization Nest page. If you do not have access to a scanner you can come to the Office of Student Engagement in SUN 225 for assistance in scanning your documents.

Step 3: If your reimbursement request included any original receipts (cash register style, tear-out receipt book, etc.) the physical receipts also must be delivered/mailed to Student Engagement, SUN 225, before final processing can take place. 

Petty Cash Reimbursements

Step 1: Complete a purchase request on your organization Nest page including all relevant information and copies of all receipts. 

Step 2: If your reimbursement request included any original (cash register style, tear-out receipt book, etc.) the physical receipts also must be delivered/mailed to Student Engagement, SUN 225, before final processing can take place. 

Step 3: You will be notified by Student Engagement when your paperwork is ready to be picked up and delivered to the cashier's office in Student Services to collect immediate cash reimbursement. 

Online Orders

Question: Is the total amount to be spent at any given online merchant under $2,500?

No: We will not be able to pay for this item online. Please work with the vendor to obtain an invoice which we can submit for a purchase order and then a check for payment.

Yes: Complete a purchase request on your organization Nest page. In the request be sure to include all order details including links to items, options needed to select online, any special instructions, etc.

Food for On-campus Events and Meetings

All on-campus food must be provided by AACC Dining Services (includes Chick-fil-A and Subway) unless an organization has received permission from Dining Services to use other outside food.

Step 1: Email Dining Services at with the details of what you need including the type of food, the date and time of your event/meeting, and any special instructions.

Question: Did Dining Services say they could provide the food?

Yes: Confirm with Dining Services your final details and provide your student organization account number. You can find this six-digit number by opening your SGA Allocation Account on the Nest and looking for the "External Event ID." This number will start with 444. Your organization account will be charged directly. No further paperwork or forms are necessary.

No: If Dining Services cannot provide the food, you may purchase food from an outside establishment. You may place an order with an outside food provider or purchase food from a grocery store. Whatever process you go through, be sure to include in your purchase request a copy of the email from Dining Services approving the use of an outside food vendor. The college will not allow for anyone to purchase food from an outside vendor without written approval from Dining Services.

From here, complete the appropriate process using Online Orders, In Person Shopping or Over the Phone orders depending on the type of purchase you are trying to make. 

In-person Shopping

For all in-person shopping plan in advance and follow the steps to request a Cash Advance (see below). If you are unable to coordinate this request in advance, then at this time the only method for in-person shopping available to student organizations is a reimbursement. 

Due to the fact that the college is not legally obligated to reimburse anyone for anything and at this time we are limited in our other options for in-person shopping, student organizations are encouraged to exhaust all other methods of payment directly through the Office of Student Engagement before resorting to in-person shopping. If in-person shopping is required, follow the steps for a reimbursement (see above). 

Phone Orders

Phone orders/payments are made most commonly for things where you can set up the details of your order in advance like ordering pizza or planning a trip where you can get an amount you owe. This also can be done to pay for invoices when there is no way to pay online and the cost is under $2,500.

Question: Is the total cost to a single vendor over $2,500?

Yes: We are unable to pay for this order over the phone. Work with the vendor to setup a quote which we can submit to get a purchase order created and then paid via check

No: We can pay for this item over the phone. Proceed with the steps below. 

Step 1: Work with the vendor to set up as many details of the order as possible. Obtain a phone number, contact name, invoice, order confirmation or whatever else they provide you to reference the order.

Step 2: Complete a purchase request on your organization Nest page. In the comments, be sure to provide all of the information from Step 1 above. When the purchase request is approved, the Office of Student Engagement will call and pay for the order as per the details that you have setup.

Internal Transfers

This process should not be used if you need to move money from one of your Nest accounts to another. If you need to do this, contact Student Engagement at or 410-777-2218. The process below should be used when you need to send money from your organization to a different organization or department on campus.

Complete a purchase request on your organization's Nest page. In the Payee Section include the name of the organization or department where you want to transfer money. In the comments section, include any contact information for the person with whom you are working in that organization/department, including email addresses, phone numbers, names, etc. 

Cash Advances

In limited circumstances, cash advances can be issued to faculty and staff for out-of-pocket expenses that will be incurred during travel on college business (includes approved student organization trips) or for in-person purchases. Cash advances will not be given for estimated meal and incidental travel expenses less than $50 as you can use petty cash reimbursements for that purpose. When requesting a cash advance for travel, note that a check/direct deposit will not be provided more than five days prior to the date of travel.

*Cash advances must be requested at least two weeks prior to the date the money is needed.

Step 1: Complete a Cash Advance Letter, ignoring the Requisition and PO fields. This must be done by an AACC faculty/staff member as cash advances cannot be given to students. 

Step 2: Send the Cash Advance Letter to Student Engagement at or SUN 225.  
*Do not deliver directly to purchasing even though it says that on the bottom of the form.

Step 3: Receive a check or direct deposit from the college, pay for your items and maintain all receipts.

Reconciliation process

Step 1: Contact Student Engagement at or 410-777-2218 to obtain the PO number and account information from your original cash advance.

Question 1: Is there any money left from the cash advance that you did not spend?

Yes: Complete a Deposit Form for all remaining funds and include in the description the PO#, the account number information, and "Funds from Cash Advance." Turn in deposit form and cash to the cashier's office. Collect the receipt from the cashier's office and proceed to Question 2.

No: Proceed to Question 2. 

Question 2: Was the cash advance for travel-related expenses?

Yes: Proceed to Step 2.

No: Complete a purchase request on your organization’s Nest page including all relevant information on the form and attaching copies of all receipts including the cashier receipt for money left over from the cash advance, if applicable. For the amount owed, only include the amount owed that is greater than what you already received for the cash advance (if anything). Be sure to include the PO number for your cash advance in the comments section. Then skip ahead to Step 4. 

Step 2: Identify and complete the appropriate Travel Reimbursement Form below. Be sure to include the PO number from your original cash advance in the PO field. 

Step 3: Scan the completed travel reimbursement form from Step 2 and all relevant receipts including the cashier receipt for money left over from the cash advance if applicable and attach to a purchase request on your organization’s Nest page. If you do not have access to a scanner, visit Student Engagement in SUN 225 for assistance in scanning your documents.

Step 4: If your reimbursement request included any original receipts (cash register style, tear out receipt book, etc.) the physical receipts also must be delivered/mailed to Student Engagement before final processing can take place.

Donations to External Charities

SGA funds never can be donated to external charities. If you would like to donate to a charity of some sort you must have money available in your fundraising account.

Question 1: Do you have money in your fundraising account to pay for this donation?

No: You cannot donate SGA funds. Please add funds to your fundraising account before submitting a request to donate.

Yes: Proceed to Question 2.

Question 2: Can the organization accept a credit card for the donation?

Yes:  Submit for an online or phone order just like any other request to donate.

No: Proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: Have the charity register as a supplier with AACC by completing the self-registration process at

Step 2: Obtain a flyer from the event showing that you were raising money for this charity or write up some sort of memo explaining that your organization is choosing to donate money to them. Some sort of documentation will be needed for the school to have on file to verify why we sent money to this charity.

Step 3: Once the charity has registered with AACC you can submit a Purchase Request on your organization’s Nest page. Attach the flyer/memo/documentation from Step 2 above to the Purchase Request. 

Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations are a frequently confusing process for student organizations. The below information should hopefully provide you with a clear process for booking hotel rooms for your student organization.

Question 1: Are you looking for a hotel for a visiting performer/artist/speaker, etc., here on campus?

Yes: Submit a Purchase Request on the Nest with the payee as "Doubletree Annapolis" and include in the comments the date(s) you want the hotel for and the guest's name. Note that we have a discounted rate with the Doubletree Annapolis for $112.35/night which includes all taxes. 

No: Proceed to Question 2. 

Question 2: Are you booking your hotel directly through the hotel?

Yes: Proceed to Question 3.

No:  This is most common when you're booking through a travel planning site like, orbitz, or some sort of travel agency. If this is the case you would want to follow the steps for an Online Order to have the Office of Student Engagement book the hotel room directly. 

Question 3: Does the hotel require a down payment?

Yes: Follow the steps for an Online Order to have the Office of Student Engagement book the hotel room directly.

No: Most standard hotel rooms don't actually charge anything until you either don't show up or you check out of your room. If this is the case, proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: Book your hotel room directly with the hotel using your own credit card. Since they won't charge your credit card (confirm this if you're not sure) you don't have to worry about actually paying for it on your own.

Step 2: Submit a Purchase Request on the Nest including any confirmation numbers, hotel contact information, etc., in the attachments/comments. The Office of Student Engagement will contact the hotel and send them the applicable paperwork to have the room changed to a college credit card instead of your personal card.
*Note: Many hotels will still require you to provide a credit card at the time of check in to cover any incidentals.

Fundraising and Deposit Process

All student organizations have access to a Fundraising Account that is separate from their SGA funds. These funds do not get taken back by SGA each year and can be used on things the SGA can't or doesn't fund each year. If your organization completes a fundraiser whether by collecting money or by selling things, you'll need to follow these steps in order to get that money into your account correctly. If you plan to sell items, note that you must follow the appropriate steps BEFORE collecting this money. 

Question: Are you planning to sell items?

Yes: You are planning to sell items? Proceed to the process for requesting to collect money.

No: You have money already that you need to deposit? Proceed to the process for making a deposit.

Requesting to Collect Money

Step 1: Complete a Request to Collect Cash/Checks Form.

Step 2: Email or take form to Student Engagement ( at SUN 225 for a staff signature on the "Supervisor" line. If emailing, Student Engagement will complete Step 3 for you, otherwise continue to Step 3 once you have their signature.

Step 3: Email or take form to the controller, Marti Rothschild (, in the Resource Management Building (RESM) for her signature on the "Controller" line. 

Step 4: Take fully signed form to the cashier's office in the Student Services Building to submit. They will provide you with a cashbox, receipt book, check log and applicable instructions to collect cash and checks.

Step 5: Upon completion of sales, return to the cashier with all loaned supplies and a completed deposit (see "Making a Deposit" section below).

Making a Deposit

Step 1: Complete a Student Organization Deposit Form. The form asks for your "General Ledger Account Number." You can find this six-digit number (you only need the last three to fill in the gap) by opening your fundraising account on the Nest and looking for the "External Account ID."

Step 2: Take completed Student Organization Deposit Form and all cash and/or checks to the cashier's office in the Student Services Building. 

Student Organization Forms

Below you will find all forms needed to manage a student organization at AACC.

General Documents and Forms

Financial Forms