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AACC’s Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP) team is committed to increasing the academic success, retention, graduation and transfer of students. Students are empowered to be successful, overcome challenges, and address obstacles through academic coaching and instructor-facilitated small lab settings. 

We welcome all first generation, multi-generational, and non-traditional students of all cultural identities to join SASP. Our SASP program oversees the college’s military and veteran resources, and facilitates summer transition programs for students looking to spring-board their college experiences. Stop by the SASP office on the first floor of the Truxal Library in Arnold.

Our People

Janice D. Watley

Student Achievement and Success Program director

As director of Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP), Ms. Watley:

  • Provides leadership and administrative oversight of all functions of SASP, First Year Experience (FYE), summer transition programs (Summer Bridge, Adelante, FYE Bridge, Summer Bridge@AMIL), Black Male Initiative (BMI), SASP Faculty-Led Tutoring Lab, collaborative high school initiatives, and the Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC).
  • Facilitates the selection process of awarding SASP scholarships.
  • Serves as the initial point of contact at AACC for Morgan Connect Program and Coppin Project Focus.
  • Serves as the co-advisor for Epsilon Chi, AACC’s chapter of Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society.

Arlene Bayron

Student Success and Retention advisor
410-777-1161 Arnold
410-777-1821 AMIL

  • Advises a designated caseload of students who attend the Arnold and Arundel Mills locations.
  • Coordinates services for SASP/25 (students over 25 years of age).
  • Coordinates the Summer Bridge program designed to serve the unique needs of students with an emphasis on African-American themes.
  • Facilitates campus visits to four year schools.

Amberdawn Cheatham

First Year Experience (FYE) coordinator 

  • Serves as the advisor for First Year Experience students.
  • Coordinates the First Year Experience program and the FYE Summer Bridge program.
  • Assists with the SASP/North County High School Collaborative.

Samuel Cordero-Puchales

Adelante Hispanic Summer Bridge coordinator

  • Coordinates the Adelante Hispanic Summer Bridge program, and as program coordinator he teams with different departments at AACC to provide information about Adelante during special events.
  • Collaborates with community members where he participates in different activities promoting the Hispanic culture in Anne Arundel County.
  • Mentors new and former Adelante students in AACC.

Lori Hackett

First Year Experience Retention Advisor

  • Coordinates the Summer Bridge Program at Arundel Mills.
  • Makes initial contact with prospective AACC students.
  • Mentors current and past Summer Bridge students at AACC.

Harlan Harrell

Military/Veteran Resource Center (MVRC) Program Manager
Military/Veteran Student Success and Retention advisor
410-777-2047 Arnold
410-777-1821 AMIL 

  • Veteran, and Manager of the Military/Veterans Resource Center and Services (MVRC).
  • Manages the daily operations of the MVRC.
  • Advises veterans in creating an education plan and GI Benefits.
  • Serves as an advocate and initial point of contact for new and continuing military, veterans and their family members to assist with academic, support and transition issues.
  • Helps veterans connect with needed campus and community services and resources.
  • Provides training to students, faculty and staff on the unique needs of veterans and their families.

Jill Z. Harris

SASP Office Manager

  • Serves students participating in the Student Achievement and Success Program and related initiatives.
  • Assists students’ transition from one phase of their lives to college.
  • Contributes to the SASP team in delivering effective programs and services and provides administrative support.

Kat A. Schorr

Student Success and Retention advisor

  • Advises a designated caseload of SASP students.
  • Serves as a secondary advisor to military and veteran students, as well as their spouses and dependents.
  • Assists with other SASP initiatives, including the First Year Experience program and the SASP/North County High School Collaborative.