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AACC health science student using a microscope.

Our mission is to train and develop high-quality histotechnicians. Histotechnicians are members of the laboratory team who prepare specimens for research or medical diagnosis by pathologists. They work with fragile, delicate tissue specimens, laboratory instruments, knives, chemicals and glass slides, all of which require mastery of skills and competency. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive education and hands-on training that prepares students to excel in this field that is experiencing increased demand.

Our program focuses on equipping students with the technical skills, critical thinking abilities and problem-solving capabilities required to become proficient histotechnicians. With a strong emphasis on quality, we strive to produce graduates who are well-prepared, competent and capable of delivering exceptional histotechnology services.

The program goals include:

  • Develop technical expertise and critical thinking skills through didactic and clinical experiences.
  • Identify and address factors that impact procedures and results, taking appropriate corrective actions.
  • Understand and respect the roles of laboratory and health care professionals, promoting effective collaboration and patient care.
  • Recognize the importance of continuing education for professional growth and competence.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in management, safety and supervision, making informed decisions based on predetermined criteria.
  • Adhere to ethical values and legal standards in histotechnology laboratory practice.
  • Advocate for the profession through affiliations with professional organizations and contribute to the health care delivery system.
  • Apply knowledge of cultural and socioeconomic differences in histotechnology practice.
  • Engage in ongoing continuing education and skill development.
  • Meet eligibility requirements for national certification as a histotechnician through the ASCP Board of Certification.

Through these goals, the program strives to produce competent and certified histotechnicians equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the field of histotechnology.

Majors and Offerings

We are proud to offer the following degree:

Histotechnician A.A.S.

Faculty and Staff

Briana Zeck MS, HTL (ASCP)
Program Director 

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Briana Zeck, MS, HTL (ASCP)

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