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Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies

students in fitness class

The mission of the Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies department is to offer students an opportunity to improve their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual wellness by offering a variety of courses and programs to meet the needs of individuals with diverse interests and abilities.

Major and Offerings

We're proud to offer a degree and credit certificate — including the personal trainer certificate — as well as many health and physical education courses.

Learn more about majoring in Kinesiology.

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Cory Doubek, associate professor
GYM 216

Full-time Faculty

Deborah Hammond, associate professor
GYM 218 

Caree Oslislo Wizenberg, associate professor
GYM 226

Nicole Reed, assistant professor
GYM 222

Resources for Students

Health and Wellness Club

Students interested in increasing their personal wellbeing and spending time with like-minded individuals can join the Health & Wellness club. Contact Deborah Hammond for details.

Student Testimonial

My professors were awesome and they taught me that I didn’t have to have it all together ...
I could grow as I go. The education and support I received from my professors enabled me to earn a full tuition scholarship to the University of Maryland, College Park. The foundation that I received made me the honor student that I am today.
Tawanna S. – alumna