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AACC Noncredit Scholarships

CEWD Scholarships

The School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) awards scholarships to qualifying students. Scholarships may pay a certain amount of total tuition and fees for courses within approved certificate programs, as listed on the scholarship application. Scholarships will be awarded as funds are available. Funds are limited, so students are encouraged to apply early. Follow the steps below to apply.

MHEC Workforce Development Scholarship

Additionally, the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) is offering a new scholarship opportunity for noncredit students in Maryland's community colleges. The MHEC Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship will fund up to $2,000 for tuition and fees for awarded students in the approved programs. Follow the steps below to apply.

How to Apply For CEWD and MHEC Scholarships

Step 1: Create your Account

If you are a previous or current student, skip to Step 2

Go to AACC's online application.

  • Select Create Account
  • Submit Admissions Application

On the next screen, ENROLLMENT INFORMATION SECTION, enter:

  • Educational Goal: I am a visiting student or here for personal enrichment.
  • Field of Interest: Non-Degree Seeking
  • Degree/Certificate: Non-Degree Personal Enrichment
  • Academic Term: The term for you upcoming class

Within one hour after you have created your account, you should receive your MyAACC username and password information at the email address you put on your application. If you do not receive it in your personal email inbox, check your spam folder.

Step 2: Apply now on MyAACC

Visit Institutional Scholarships on our website.

  • Select Apply now on MyAACC
  • You will be asked to log in using your username and password. After logging in, click on Apply for AACC Scholarships. Select the academic year and click submit.

Scholarship Application Part B: CEWD scholarship applicants should enter:

  • Enrollment: Uncertain
  • Field of Study: Continuing Education
  • Education Goals: Learn trade and enter workforce.
  • Career Goals: Other, then enter a specific CEWD program

Note: Answer all questions. Do not leave any blanks or your application will not be reviewed. This includes the essay questions.

Step 3: Complete your FAFSA

Go to Financial Aid and Scholarships on our website.

  • Select "Complete your FAFSA"

GEER Scholarships

AACC has been awarded more than $100,000 in student scholarship funds as part of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Scholarship Program. Be sure to print the GEER Scholarship Application form and submit it according to the included instructions to apply.

AACC Entrepreneurs Scholarship

If you want to take courses to learn how to start and better run your own business, you may be eligible for the college’s Entrepreneurs Scholarship, supported by the Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurs Scholarship.

Job Corps

Job Corps offers free education and vocational programs administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. The programs are designed to help students 16 to 24 years get a better job, earn more money and take control of their future. Each year 60,000 students take advantage of the Job Corps training. Over the past five years, 82% of students that graduated from the programs began new careers, enrolled in higher education programs or enlisted in the military. 

Learn more about Job Corps.


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